Susan thrives on being challenged, which is a great asset. With a wide range of communications, marketing, management, and logistics skills in her arsenal, she can take a campaign from strategy development through to execution confidently and effectively.
— David Laks, Managing Partner & Co-Founder, Cinelan
A great strategist and wordsmith who grasps out-of-the-box ideas extraordinarily quickly. She nailed our brand message
— Chelsea Brignanti & Leigh Ann Tucker, Co-Founders, Loliware
Susan took complicated, scientific subject matter in an industry she didn’t know, and created a clear brand message and story that was compelling and easy to understand by anyone. She is extremely strategic, and makes the process easy for the client.
— Elizabeth Ouriel, Project Manager, Syntactx
Susan is a great brand strategist and writer. She took complex technical information, processed it quickly, asked the right questions, and delivered under a tight deadline. She did it with the added challenge of the brand not yet having found its verbal identity. Susan embraced it and rose to the challenge.
— David Burrows, Marketing & Brand Consultant
“You made quite an impression here. You have a fine, intriguing, and original writing style and clearly have the ability to take things in a new direction. We really liked your writing.”
— Op Ed Editor, The New York Times
I’ve been relying on Susan’s voice for the last three years. She has a way of articulating what I want so that my vision is clear and my strategy to get there a process I can manage. Her no-bullshit approach has helped me realize options that never occurred to me. Everyone should have someone like Susan in their life!
— Kathy Moren, Founder/CEO Healthy Babies, Happy Moms Inc.
Susan has an expertise and intuitiveness in her writing that captures her subject in their truest light, and hooks the reader. She brings flair to fact and is a tremendous resource when creatively structuring that crucial first impression with regards to any project.
— Rachael Yamagata, Singer/Songwriter
Susan marries a highly sophisticated sensibility with a natural, approachable style. I’m consistently impressed with her resourcefulness, intelligence and fearless creativity.
— David Weyner, Branding and Creative Consultant
It’s gratifying and rare to be able to edit and publish the work of someone who’s mastered the art of shedding light on deep feelings, who can produce a balance of humor, poignancy, adventure, and those darker realities we too often work hard to avoid. Susan is a fearless writer, and we’re looking forward to receiving her two books with great excitement.
— Patricia Horan, Editor & Publisher, The Round House Press
“Susan is a seasoned professional who cares deeply about her clients. Her sensitivity and understanding of their needs make her an effective partner to have on your team. She is smart, energetic, and always thinking of how to accomplish what is best for her project and clients.”
— Ken Tabachnick, Arts Manager
“Susan has a tremendous knowledge and range of experience in the world of marketing, branding, and communications. She is a great creative asset.”
— Eric van den Bruelle, Owner, EVB Creative
A very skilled brand messaging expert. I had an idea where I wanted to be but no idea how to get there. Susan had the innovation and foresight to keep digging deeper for more information which she then turned into great copy . She took complex information and made it compelling and engaging.
— Jennifer Castillo, Six Sigma Consultant