“Tell me the facts and I’ll learn. Tell me the truth and I’ll believe. But tell me a story and it will live in my heart forever."  - Old Native American proverb

Words matter and leave a lasting impression. 

Effective marketing is dependent on a crystal clear message, an impactful brand story, and strategic content. When these are in alignment with your brand and consistent across all platforms, magic happens in your business. 

There's nothing that compares to the impact of a powerful story be it over dinner with friends, or in your marketing materials. Good stories stay with us for years.  Bet you remember these campaigns: "Just Do It," "Got Milk," "Think Different."

Storytelling is one of the most unifying elements we share as humans, which makes it such a powerful marketing tool. It's the most effective way to communicate ideas, persuade, and inspire people to take action.  

Your story lays the foundation for your brand. An authentic story makes you memorable, differentiates you from the competition, and creates a connection with your target audience. It brings your brand to life.     

All marketing is an extension of your brand story, and must be in alignment with that story.

To build a successful, sustainable business with a loyal following, it starts with your story and point of view, understanding whom you're talking to, how you want them to feel and experience you, and what you want them to do.  A good story has the power to move and motivate. It helps humanize your brand, makes complex ideas easier to understand, and establishes your expertise.

I work with clients to bring their brand to life with words by creating, or re-creating, their brand story, key messaging, and strategic writing, and ensuring that it's consistent everywhere.

The right copy and content is the most effective way to earn trust, build relationships, and increase business.

As Simon (Sinek) says, “Your brand’s meaning is either clear or it’s fuzzy.  And if it’s fuzzy, changing the look won’t help.” 

Go change the world. Leave the writing to me!