“Your brand’s meaning is either clear or it’s fuzzy. If it’s fuzzy, changing the look won’t help.” - Simon Sinek, 'Start With Why'

As a Brand Alchemist, strategist, and writer, I work with innovative, impact-driven brands, organizations, and entrepreneurs that are socially conscious, rattling the status quo, and want to stand out in the marketplace.

By creating out-of-the-box, integrated, and effective ways to communicate a client's message, I give voice to what matters most to them.  

The focus is always on awareness-building, impact, inspiration, ROI, and how to powerfully connect the brand to its audience.

Being industry agnostic, my magic powers include providing a fresh ‘outsider’ perspective in industries where I have no prior experience, and distilling complex information to make it user-friendly, compelling, and actionable.

With more than 20 years of experience in marketing, branding, communications, and business, along with the broad perspective and range of experience I’ve gained from extensive world travel, I’m able to take a 360-degree view to create the best strategy for your company.   

I think like a journalist, dig deep like a forensic investigator, and create like a mad scientist.

Clients have been in the U.S., Europe, Africa, and Haiti. I have a team of collaborators that I partner with on an as-needed basis


Developing the right brand strategy, brand voice, message, and story that aligns a client's mission, vision and goals with how they want to be perceived in the marketplace is where I excel.

Whether it’s for a launch, rebrand, or reinvigoration, services are customized to meet your specific needs, and could include:


The most effective brands know who they are, what they do and for whom, their big ‘why,’ and how to cohesively communicate this across all platforms. I can help you be one of those brands.

  • Brand strategy

  • Identifying target audience

  • Articulating brand promise, mission, and goals

  • Brand positioning, message, story, and verbal identity

  • Copy and content writing and editing

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In an ever-changing landscape, it’s not enough for a brand to simply hang its shingle and expect customers to just show up. I’ll help you develop an aligned and integrated strategy that engages your audience, attracts new customers, and grows your business.  Sometimes it requires making a big statement that will leave a lasting impression long after the experience.

  • Non-traditional tactics and campaigns including premium brand-image, multiple camera Facebook Live content produced with my award-winning partner agency

  • Experiential & digital marketing & events

  • Strategic partnerships

  • Producing and project management

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Writing is part of my DNA and the vehicle through which I help clients achieve their business goals. In addition to for-hire writing, I’m a published author, passionate storyteller, and contributing blogger to Huffington Post, Thrive Global, Yogic Living, and Identity Magazine, and would love to write for you.

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